Fashionable Functional Therapeutic

The RestVest helps with anxiety and Stress relief all while looking fashionable and staying functional.


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Sam Young, Founder

Sam Young founded RestVest in 2018 after he was inspired to create a product that could help his generation deal with mental health issues. He created RestVest through a local business program for young entrepreneurs and sought to create a vest that utilized deep pressure therapy to help those who suffer from stress and anxiety but was camouflaged to look less like a medical device and more like a piece of clothing. As the pandemic started to become part of our everyday lives and Sam realized the simple act of going to school or a large event could create stress and anxiety, Sam leaned into RestVest and has partnered with local organizations such as Mind Matters at St. Luke’s School in New Canaan to help create mental health awareness.

Mission Statement

The Rest Vest is a unique, high quality calming weighted vest that provides stress and anxiety relief in a discreet manner. RestVest is in process of receiving a published patent due to its unique design and distribution of weight. All of this comes at a reasonable price and durable material that lasts. RestVest is committed to spreading awareness surrounding mental health issues for children and teens.


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